Teacher Grants

Supporting Teachers to Inspire Students

2021 Teacher Grant Sponsors

Since 2013, the Frenship Foundation has awarded more than $300,000 in teacher grants. These grants help fund materials, technology, supplies, and innovative projects that engage students and spark a passion for learning. 

In the fall of 2021, the Foundation awarded nearly $80,000 in teacher grants. The video below is a highlight of the Foundation Prize Patrol, an event where the Foundation Board of Directors, District leaders, sponsors, and student groups surprise teachers in their classroom with grant money. 

Interested in sponsoring a teacher grant? Donations can be made directly to the Foundation’s Teacher Grant fund by contacting Executive Director Tiffany Taylor at: [email protected] 

Frenship Foundation Prize Patrol

 2021-2022 Teacher Grant Winners

Jamie Arnold

Michelle Baker

Terri Bennett

Donna Branch

Laura Buchanan

Elizabeth Burks

Tanya Carder

Andrea Carter

Laura Carter

Mariah Caskey

Marci Chapman

Allison Collins

Tiffany Cortez

Brittany Cox

Lorrie Crain

Heather Dowell

Justin Ellison

Tara Espindola

Allison Eubanks

Amy Farmer

Kameron Fellers

Callie Flusche

Melinda Futrell

Heather Gatlin

Laura Harris

Jaime Herndon

Sara Hill

James Holloway

Heather Hopkins

Angela Howard

Kim Ivie

Beth Jack

Tracey King

Jared Kitchens

Jake Lierman

Grace Maldonaldo

Kristin Mazuerk

Karry McGinty

Amy Mitchell

Emily Muller

Robert Nunez

Erica Palm

Jillian Parker

Lindsey Pierson

Jennifer Ramirez

Aislyn Reaves

Abbi Reckner

Wendy Reeves

Nicole Roberts

Claire Rucker

Bailey Schenk

Nancy Schunke

Amy Sherrill

Jill Shipley

Joseph Sledge

Bridget Turner

Ben Wade

Heather Walker

Katie Wertman

Cindy Wigington

Saundra Wimberley

Megan Winnett

Jerod Wright