• About Us

    Serving and giving to Frenship ISD since 2002.


  • Our Purpose

    The purpose of the Frenship Foundation for Leadership is to solicit, manage and distribute supplemental funds for educational purposes in programs areas that may note be funded by the District. Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter use of tax-based revenue.

    Donations are received from individuals, corporations and other foundations to fund educational programs and projects that are in alignment with the school district’s strategic plan and to create an Endowment Fund. Programs will be funded from donations as well as a percent of an established Endowment Fund.

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  • Board of Directors

    2017-2018 Frenship Foundation for Leadership Executive Committee Executive Director: Cindy Stephens
    President: Brandon Autrey
    Vice President: Mikella Newsom
    Treasurer: Jay Eulenbach
    Secretary: Jodie Halter

  • 2016-2017 Frenship Foundation for Leadership Board of Directors

  • Sue Braune
    Eric Caswell
    Cody Cypert
    Rhonda Dillard
    Kyle Elliott
    Greg Hernandez
    Shea Katilus
    Terry Knight
    Gina Laughlin

  • Bobby McCloud
    Dr. Michelle McCord
    Stefanie Morris
    Shannon Morrison
    Mikella Newsom
    Emily Nowlain
    Andy Penney
    Jamey Phillips

  • Amy Popejoy
    Terri Robinette
    Johnny Rodriguez
    Hannah Teykl
    Tristan Thoma
    Debbie Warmoth
    Misti Welch
    Jolyn Wilkins

  • Our History

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